Releases and Happenings by Spital and Friends.

Sinister Creations

A poetic novella twenty years in the making, once lost,
abandoned and now resurrected.
“Chronicles” is a spectacular display of life at it’s most raw, graphic and malevolent forms. Follow one man’s journey through decomposing toxic love, riddled with insatiable sustenance use, salacious throws, violence and disease. What will break in a man and how far will he go? A fictional escapade highlighted with real life under-belly glow which will take you out to the furthest chasm of sanity and control to bathe in infinite debauchery. Try to catch a breath in the madness and stunning revelations of life run full circle in this enthralling fast paced write.

Now Available on &


Check out my buddy Mike Correll’s documentary on one of the Greatest current artist and most bad-ass monster creator we have had the pleasure to engage in Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters Purchase information can be found on face book,( also support their new endeavor “Chet Zar – Dystopia” 



My good friend and poetic mastermind Black Hamlet flooding the cyber bookshelves with three releases…………..

Here are the links: Liefdeslied…/ref=sr_1_1… Blue…/…/1532802307/ref=sr_1_4… Who is Black Hamlet?…/…/1532722354/ref=sr_1_2…

Three more or so…linked his FB:


My lovely poetess friend Tamra Fricke has published on as well and can also be found on it & Amazon.



Another poetic friend Andrew Sano, who didn’t start writing poetry until 50 years were set in glorious flame and music behind him, has also published and can be found on and .



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