Dribble on Beliefs


My last  post I addressed accountability and will continue the series soon. This in part is really an address of that yet personal opinion overall. In having a discussion with my wife and oldest son(9) about religion I feel compelled to share part of that conversation and just voice my views on the subject.This conversation has become a monthly address at minimum in my house since my wife saw the light from an extraordinarily defining LSD moment.


******History in clip notes–My wife has been raised in the bible belt and taught God just was and never questioned though did not practice, religion was just part of life. For me I was sent to Sunday school (mostly for my parents benefit) and attended/attempted going to church and practicing religion many times. It wasn’t for me.******

MY son had asked his mother about different types of religion and how he thought the Greeks/Romans had it right over the standard beliefs of today. This is a compelling argument from such a young and bright mind. Much like the American Indians the Romans didn’t hold weight in one God, elemental/theological division in praise was definitive and Gods were created for each accounted segment. Now they had a ruler for each God, but what democracy doesn’t need an overseer of accountability. Now the Indians were more for Nature and Mother Earth but the premise is the same, give credit and appreciation for what is given in life.

The Romans though yes weren’t a democracy were in fact a very free society for it’s people, sexual and artistic freedom was paramount and questioning of life in basic principles was widely accepted. Like all societies there’s the good and bad but the underlying principles he was addressing are valid and as they became a Pagan culture in the church’s eyes, the basis helped fuel like minded beliefs (to be developed and already) throughout the modern world.* Examples: Wiccan and other sub-religious movements.*

My input on this is the freedom of belief and accountability an individual accepts in the guides of Native American and Wiccan ideology of respecting what the Earth gives and takes away to me is a brilliant concept. In holding these values you must account for your impact and legacy your life has on the planet. Why it is acceptable to pray and confess your sins away, just doesn’t sit with me. Where is the redemption in just stating “such has been done” and like shaking off after a piss you’re done. I will openly admit I’m jaded when it comes to organized religion though I’ve tried repeatedly I found no solace. This is not saying I don’t feel or believe religious freedom is something all man is entitled to.

The Catholic denomination in particular has always baffled me. How is it a Religion that is against worshiping a false idol holds so much revere for the Pope and particular saints, Mary etc.? Baptist as well and their giving your life up to Jesus is a tough stance for me to back as well. The last attempt I made with religion was a Baptist one, trial by fire indeed. Their absolution in heavy prayer, funding beyond means in donation and time served was more stringent than I cared for.Don’t get me speaking on Pentecostal and their “tongued folly”,

I know it’s spread past that but jeez really? Sad thing as a kid I thought it real shit, maybe it is doubt it.

So in closing my rabble babble Opinionated post I want to clarify I believe in the freedom of choice and entitlement to such, I just can’t myself hold credit in singular Devotion..Is there more to this life,a higher presence(s)? I think so, but the broad encompass and singularity is questionable to me. We in act are our own Gods as we can create, destroy, empower etc. We must first be able to accept all we are and change it to be viable in our lives and its surroundings, then give thanks to what we’ve been blessed with. This is true in all aspects and why I  believe in such diverse Ideology on the matter and am grateful for my wife’s last LSD trip, the point of hallucinogens is to open and free mental restraints. To shed basic moral standings and evolve past that of which society books parents etc teach us and embracing the random.
It’s not for everyone but psycho-active drugs can be very beneficial to many, especially those challenged with certain neurological/emotional troubles. Psilocybin is usually better for an enriching enlightenment on the spiritual and personal level, but having a set state of mind on either is starting ground, DMT however well you  just need to be open..This is another subject for another post..Thanks for indulging in Sinister dribble..

Poem on such Matters:

Sermon of the Worm

The Apostle Worm took root in steaming animal excrement after a long five foot travel from his first home. (exodus of a sycophant)
Given this birth right by the anointed gastric salvation.
His congregation grew as pestilent angels dropped disciples a plenty from the skies! (horseflies with privileges as it were)
Growing in stature (as well as circumference) the Worm now deemed Messiah and named him self Abel. (originally he went by Tom)
Abel lead the masses with wicked rhetoric, fear driven and full of empty promises of spreading the dogma unto vast dung heaps.
He beckoned his worshipers to follow how a parasite should live, opting they take up wings on meager sustenance to feed his significance.
Grow to spread the fallacy of malicious intent with manure eating overtures of world domination –  odious discharge.
Abel kept the flock divided in quatrains to ascertain impedance amongst the disciples. (for questioning is not a task for drudges)
“Repentance!” he shouted as he glutton-ed his heavy portions of vile, crammed into that worm orifice. ( now fat and slothful as over-zealous mongrels get)
The contingents waited imprudently for the day of ascension to come, that reckoning moment where gospel takes flight.
Judgment befalls those led by the blind, (as inference often does.) and their steeple was set to flames
Seems the farmer (whose name was Cain) passed out a stall away, drunk on wine (seduced by bloodlines) smoking remorseful satisfaction.
So burn they all did and some would have to grin, see false deities are a losing bet from the outset, and ego rampant is nigh but a medium for parasitic infestation.

©Sinister Spital 2015-2016


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