Funny how that happens eh?!?

flashman**WARNING some Material  Adult and/or Experimentally Challenged – Don’t Attempt!!!**


So I started anger management classes the other day after a long day on field trips (incl. driving 3 hrs) with my oldest boy. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him as I do with all my kids. (the boys though love mommy and I’m second fiddle)

These things shouldn’t be done however without natures little helper Mary Jane. I’ve seen too many parents flip out or ignore shit straight. (works for me and safer then sedatives) I tell you what it should be legal. I would settle for medicinal to alleviate my pain and mental strife. I’m  able to deal with my social disorders better that way.

Off track damn it!! Any-who I started thinking about how I wrote the piece on accountability and my rage outburst last week. Funny how childish and arrogant we can be at times eh? Acknowledging and accounting are a work in progress, so the piece came down.

Truly I’m a Fuck-Up of ignoramus proportions. I try to act as I speak but failure makes us all human right? Being a parent is the trip man, brings your world full frontal. I mean I stopped getting stupid angry in front of my kids a long time ago but they have quirks and actions of my past. They should’ve  been too young!

Our minds are crazy brilliant, only we have the power to destroy it with senseless abuse and lack of stimuli. Sure some are born a few eggs shy of the dozen. However even with the cards against you there’s ability to harness its full potential.( I was born with F.A.S)  L.S.D and Psilocybin Mushroom as well as DMT can drastically help this. ******************Warning some people are just not right for such things!! (Do not Attempt use if you are incapable of greater thought or without a chaperon.  these things can go awry, remember Syd Barret?)************

I have always used these substances with mind-set of opening new plateaus of the cerebral cortex. (well mostly always, there was 15, window pane after a day of vicodin and soma) I don’t know I guess it was growing up on 60’s-70’s rock and admiring the drug culture and freedom, rights advocacy etc. Plus I always felt I was reincarnated from that time, a young burn out or accidental heroin tempter that ate it.

What’s the point right? Fuck knows or cares. So is the mind of a bi-polar/ADD-OCD chronic pain dealer that’s just as sporadic in action as thought. So run around nude today or in drag with your favorite music cranked, be kind or at least civil to one stranger and for fuck sakes if you have a neighbor that seems cool yet never met, be you know cold-war-ish…


‘Till the next bullshit falls out in dribbles………..Sin out.



4 thoughts on “Funny how that happens eh?!?

  1. Man, damn near all the music legends cannonballed into the acid pool and burned to death. It’s a damn shame, so it’s definitely a good disclaimer to include on your site.

    No idea what A.D.S. is. Enlighten me, please?

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    1. Yeah my buddy Marcos suggested a disclaimer for the Masochism on the blog I took down, Kept that in mind this time…So glad you asked that as I put it down wrong!!! It’s F.A.S and I am adding a link to define. Both my sister and I were victim to the womb of corrosion. I am a spot on match for all the secondary effects, like fucking reading transcripts..shit! Thank you for engaging Kate!


  2. Sin, many of us rise in the ashes from torrent fires that have destroyed so many and yet, burned and cracked us; yet we trudge and dodge working through life. So many don’t feel, they don’t want to feel. My soul is the mist of the smoke that I walk or hide through, there is and will always be a warrior in my genes. We fall and we rise over and over again. I enjoyed this…peace


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