What the Fuck am I doing?

So I started a blog with the intention of attempting a revolution of sorts and to instigate the herd to account and disperse  of the  Selfish I’s.. but seriously I’m not the most diligent person in follow through. Shit it took me 20 years to publish a chapbook!! I’m a triumphant fuck up that just wants to be a good father and husband, create some cool demented shit and smoke pot on the regular.

So I’m going to remodel my approach, strip down the varnish and fucking hang out there naked and fearless. Some shit I post maybe aimless meanderings or self-indulgent dribble, yet I will be me uncensored and poorly shaved.

Shit maybe some will appreciate the tuneless spital but most of all this will be my outlet to jizz on what I deem worthwhile and the web-site will feature my poetry.           ( work in progress ) So grab a seat and take a ride or flee..                                                        Spital is on rooftops making it rain pee.  L8rs Sin





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