Oh Shit Insight while Driving.

So I was driving my kids to the Shaved Ice place after a moderately satisfying Chinese buffet from the frozen section. ( I cook all the time I need a break) A perk of culinary school and being a chef, line cook, sus-chef, meat cutter etc..etc is even the cheapest stuff from the store or a can is a delicacy waiting to be created. Oh anyway back to my ride and this insight. Be forewarned it’s no Aristotle Epiphany, just a reaffirmation of knowledge we take for granted.

I have always been into music, it has comforted, defined and inspired me throughout time. Ponder that for a minute as everyone can relate. Think of the formation of romantic imagery and how these once represented a big part of your game. I was a ‘Journey’ kid so you can imagine my early wooing years and the preposterous expectations and inevitable heartbreak.  Not saying “Journey” was my soul relationship guide though better than my parents. I mean thank god for Zepplin, Van Morrison, Lizard King, AC/DC, Scorpion etc..etc.. Think about the quips and characteristics we take on in all divisions of the human condition from things we encounter that move us. Crazy shit we allow to dribble about, be grateful for realization moments that reconstitute who we are. I could ramble but I made the point…L8rs Sinister


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