This is still here?!?

Well fuck me I thought I deleted this, not that many pay attention but it’s here and I’m still  kicking and (with great appreciation) I have a new follower.. So    dust off the cobwebs..kick the keyboard sticking and salute!!

So whats new with the   Spital… shouldn’t ask it’s not for the  squeamish…

Lots of  Emphatic Regressions, transgression, rise-fall and  spoken Spyt!!!

New Links  and friends to’s the quick and lowdown:  /Sinisterspital   yeah something as such sinisterspital   thats right spoken shit now going up

still on  Facebook and Allpoetry, book still for sale…doing a lot of podcast reads…slowly approaching a web page and no closer to  sane      my  work has taken on even   more arduous tasking and Dribbles like molasses even  more…but shits raw…pc still crap so  i avoid posting much its painful…HINT   send Spital old laptop  😛

for now i take leave indulge in loathsome debauchery…peace


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