Scientific detour as States blindly prosecute?!

Crazy shit man I’m a far better, aware and calm driver when high! Some people are stupid but punish everyone? Marijuana has been egregiously slandered since the lumber company realized hemp was far more efficient, cheaper and abundant. (without damaging the environment) Then came the drug comp..etc etc,,,

Article snippets on state laws for under pot influenced driving, testing blood levels:

That makes no sense, said Mark A. R. Kleiman, a New York University professor specializing in issues involving drugs and criminal policy. “A law against driving with THC in your bloodstream is not a law you can know you are obeying except by never smoking marijuana or never driving,” he said.

Studies show that using marijuana and driving roughly doubles the risk of a crash, Kleiman said. By comparison, talking on a hands-free cellphone while driving – legal in all states – quadruples crash risk, he said. A blood alcohol content of .12, which is about the median amount in drunken driving cases, increases crash risk by about 15 times, he said.

Driving with “a noisy child in the back of the car” is about as dangerous as using marijuana and driving, Kleiman said.

I put this together months ago and not going to even read it or edit as its simple Green is go, alcohol should be illegal and smoke legal, some people shouldnt do any substance, for many its a great help….if your a dumb ass and get high and can’t drive then u go to jail or crash, hopefully not harming anyone but yourself and die(some people deserve too) or go to jail get nixed from weed and driving. It’s not rocket science its not inebriation like booze and people need to be responsible and accountable.

I do strongly agree the course at the time I saw this article states were opting is fucked and not responsible,,lead wise and the mass will follow or play along to keep the shit quelled. Plus next time I’m fiding the article on the Senators/lawmakers who are stoic in stance that Shoplifting from Wal-mart be a minor infracture, its true they are a continuing  and major player in the working class being fucked in America…..Sam Walton is rolling people..




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