Rare Political Spytal

I am not one to wax very much on the political side, in fact if anything I will site ant-politics rhetoric before stating the obvious which is we as Americans are fortunate to have the freedoms we do and the thought of freedoms we actually don’t. So here we find ourselves in the dawn of the latest presidential elections and go figure the nations up in arms and finger pointing and hate, stupid shit falls all around us. This doesn’t surprise me as the Propaganda machine (news, polls,policing,etc) that is the govts feeding tube of the not capable to think for themselves, question and take proactive stances (ie the sheep) has been full throttle more so than usual since the candidate race took full swing.

I nearly posted a blog piece on this and damn now have to say again “Accountability must Be now” first as individuals and then as a social conscious aimed and demanding those appointed to serve/protect and govern this nation do so sweepingly. Thus restoring faith and credit in the system at current falling apart. So let us just hang on accountability on the social tier and in the coming paragraph find the reason we are faced with what’s to come and why the state of action by finger pointers, etc..etc is erroneously false and exactly what the system wants.

We are not in voting for President actually voting for said candidate. You may thank the electoral college which was conceived in the 1700’s to 1: make sure the incapable population didn’t muck elections via uneducated votes and 2; allow smaller states a sway against larger populated ones. Now changes have been made over time to allow modern civilization a prevalent pull yet your vote actually delegates the electoral trustees for said state to vote on it’s behalf. Many states have amended ind. Constitutions to require the “:popular” or majority vote be upheld, yet faithless ballots have been cast and again we have seen the majority lose.

Why has it lost and what’s to the “why vote it doesn’t matter” ideology. Well thats a redundancy in itself now huh?! 90 million less voters turned out this Presidential election then 2012. Larger states get more electoral votes due to appointed political representatives. So even though the democratic vote pulled more, it did no such thing in the larger states.

The short and blunt is, People have stopped giving two shits, are allowing the system as now spun by the powers that be, whom dont hold a national voice as we are to goddamn divided and indifferent to be a nation for a people by a people. Society is shattered into sects of classicism, race, sexual orientation, religion etc. etc and the man has been fueling the firs in which the blinders just feed it. You wanna take a stance you want to make a difference? Start in the mirror then start in your neighborhood, use social media for launching positive informative relations, worthy debate that has no venom but seeks to address and inform.

Humanity and civilized social growth is in our own hands, if we dont grab the reigns it will be in theirs and this world has had enough tragedy to sink a million souls ten fold..Be a part of change, solution and growth or get back in a hole and bid your time.

Links to facts used in researching my voicing of thought: plus each link has others etc




Indepth yet brief look into Electoral is found in reading the entire set  http://people.howstuffworks.com/electoral-college6.htm



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