to save it all, separate the one…deviated insight….

Blog rebirth day one March 20th 2017 2:47 a.m.


Should I separate myself from myself in order to save myself ?

Now this is a question I posed to myself but posted on Facebook and I got interesting responses one being ‘if you do that how do you know yourself’ the other is ‘get rid of the one you no longer know.’  Now this is a process of thought in my head for a while, I actually wrote a poem on it called “what separates the two” now a lot of people will/have read ‘what separates the two’ and think it’s about a relationship of two people but it’s not it’s about separating yourself from the person you no longer are. A look into Accountability in perspective of ourselves.

As for the relationship aspect well… it’s all bullshit it’s all just smoking mirrors over time life weaves what it weaves.   we have to face and accept these things or it blows up and then you end up with resentment and sorrow that’s tragically fucking retarded

one fact is guaranteed we all  change it’s going to happen we have to decide whether we’re going to accept and evolve to it and when you have people in your life that are like me fucked in the head things don’t change normally by any standard I’ve always been an open book on my shade of strange

Just like anything in life it’s work we have to decide what works,  is it worth it, is it connected properly, can we thrive without it, without it is life ascertainable?

Now I know the answer to these questions that does not mean I am in the position with myself too relay these answers now. why wedges and lines are drawn really baffles me, Especially when so much time invested …..

listen here’s the thing it’s not a cubicle everyone finds themselves in But we experience the prism in wandering there regardless.

Back to the separation it’s a task of great proportion and works in the same principle as my deviation does and especially since acceptance of fault is prime. I just wasn’t to get happy again and see those around me the same….it starts in the mirror.

Thats all th dribble fom Spital for now …..peace





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