Passion of a Dark Artist

Passion of dark artist


I’ll always had a mind for Darkness,  my pen is drawn to it as are my heart and soul. I am a fragment amongst the shadows. As a youth I only knew morbid twisted darkness that lacked substance and cohesion. Time has proven my standing behind age is experience, it is wisdom, as my writes and illustrations have evolved into refined works of tangible procurements. I have yet to find my following but am gaining some recognition.


The years turning have given me the ability to write dark poetry that can engage life’s morbid states and make them beautiful collections of depravity. I have embraced debauchery and deviance as my second skin and it’s a suit that fits well.My illustrations as well have encompassed this direction in marvelous fashion often depicting sorrow and frustrations demeanor in expressionistic surreal hues.


I was recently inquired on whether writing in such unsavory escapades brings me to acting or being filled with the desire to do so. I first have to reiterate a strong stance I have in defense of writing, creating on any medium such dark artistry which is :   

    One- if more people would allow themselves to revel in the seedy deplorable instances of the mind we all face regularly in some fashion we would not see such incorrigible acts committed in our society today. The blindsided moral and social expectations of the herd are not tangible and those motherfuckers act out in heinous ways you just don’t see the wrongs committed by wealth.

     Secondly I have spent most my life living my art instead of creating it in many ways and it has run its course as I failed to create anything but insanity in those moments of life. I am about-face with creating constructively that which is the part of my essence and burden. Cracked minds avail best in retrospect, hindsight and humility…though not a poster child for reform i attempt productivity without causing resentment the best i can.

So acceptance of things done, attributes gained and the quirks of my deviancy flourishing have allowed me to embrace the dark artist in me which has always sought out and admired those before and amongst me. I love the challenge to walk the line and have people experience the further of that which is looming with me, through my creations. To have someone get on board and taste the atrocious. agonizing, sorrow filled chalice and come back from the brink with a new perspective and respect for that which is so common in life but not geared for such engagement is a gift, honor and privilege to own.

until the next dribble spitals go out seek the “new era” of dark arts and embrace the depths of divine obscurity and sinister instigations…..



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