Flaunting the Loon by Sinister Spital

It was a bright Sunday evening in the park The sun was setting sideways in purple hues seemingly out of nowhere the theatrics do begin A raucous, quite a visual disturbance dressed in drag Flopping…

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Well Well

Sinister Spital Productions

 whatHoly Shit Never thought one of my pieces would ever find the picks on A/P! Deviant penning is illuminated, Mwhahwhaa! Link below.  https://allpoetry.com/poem/12670397-Visions-by-Sinister-Spital

Experience oblivion,                                                                                                                                    where reflections dissipate

Darkened caverns,
feed seclusive memories

Swallowing eulogies,
tissues and drunken regret

Hardened amongst earth
tossed,  pyres igniting rage
Dog tags of burdened shoulders,
broken ‘neath candlelight
Tormented by grave redundancy,
inferior these visions pry.
© Sinister Spital

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to understand her- is to open quirks

cupboards to cabinets- and uncovered corkscrews lipped- and bare trapped tongue tripped- in honey migrated all around- so you’re sticky too from a different hemisphere her jabs- her knee jerk…

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