This is still here?!?

Well fuck me I thought I deleted this, not that many pay attention but it’s here and I’m still  kicking and (with great appreciation) I have a new follower.. So    dust off the cobwebs..kick the keyboard sticking and salute!!

So whats new with the   Spital… shouldn’t ask it’s not for the  squeamish…

Lots of  Emphatic Regressions, transgression, rise-fall and  spoken Spyt!!!

New Links  and friends to’s the quick and lowdown:  /Sinisterspital   yeah something as such sinisterspital   thats right spoken shit now going up

still on  Facebook and Allpoetry, book still for sale…doing a lot of podcast reads…slowly approaching a web page and no closer to  sane      my  work has taken on even   more arduous tasking and Dribbles like molasses even  more…but shits raw…pc still crap so  i avoid posting much its painful…HINT   send Spital old laptop  😛

for now i take leave indulge in loathsome debauchery…peace

Spotlighting Chronicles

Last week I was fortunate to have an interview with my friend and new pod-cast host

Purple Chaos of Late Night Poets radio from all poetry on my book and workings of the Dribble I create. Truly grateful for the opportunity and recognition, I must apologize for the late posting. It was a truly fun and enlightening hour in which I delved into my first book and exposed some intricacy of the motoring which fuels and made me. I will add link to show and invite all to check out the line up of Late Night Poets on as they have a variety of hosts and topics to indulge in.. Their link:  assembled and directed by Fillmyeyes, they can also be found on wordpress and facebook

The link to show, if checked out please let me know what you thought. I have been doing a lot of readings on podcasts and am contemplating voiced readings with each poem on the upcoming website as well as youtube or sound cloud channel.

Twisting in the Nothing

So when relevance to existence becomes query, or defeat in integrities bosom rails..maybe loss in objective reasoning for creating your art.. whats to become?

Repetitive conundrums all face but it’s whats on my scrambled mental sequence so that’s that.

How to off-set the inevitable is simple to some and then again for those like me with bi-polar etc etc it seems to be overly systematic and dauntingly tiresome. Actually I often find it offensive that with all the tools I am equipped with that I trifle in such folly. It’s like being in the ocean and screaming because there’s waves. Fucking insane isn’t it?

So when I’m at such crossroads and the obvious fails me because I want to waller and whine like a Over-Rated Debutante or swiftly find the ends that never equal the means, I must redesign pull-through. I am unable to write out the chaos and drugs fail miserably at solace. (long ago quit drinking) What direction does this chaotic liaison embark upon?

Rediscover lost outlets! I need to draw again, exactly what my Insanities Solarium is missing. Crayons on the left meds on the right kind of expulsion of deviant meanderings better to be fed in confinement as to tame the lashings out that will follow. I’m  about hell bent out lately and it’s merciless child’s play one should be ashamed to admit..It’s a stigma of mine I wear like the Scarlett letter.

I try not deny any of my quips, short falls or egregious errors as it with the good are what makes Spital so Sinister and abundantly I. So there’s a point here I get it did you? Well it’s my party but hopefully everyone always leaves with a present…Till next Dribble falls about….I’ll leave you with a poem I’ve had wrapped up…


Flagrant Why?

Golden Lotus prophecies exalted,
culling the black of transistors broken.
Lost in snowing portals of diverse antennas,
eastern the sun sets void of natural rules.

Cerebellum Infused

Elicit good behavior from dawns derelict quarters,
crystal spheres reflecting hop-scotch containers.
Tonality regurgitates rotting appendages sutured,
poisons dyslexic conversation, resonates the ides.

Impoverished Conception

Twilight illuminates ashed lumber in cannabis hues,
defecating catastrophes, orchestrated in inaugural speech.
Edified the polarized tone-deaf from political confessions,
swirling porcelain, swallowed yellow eulogies are flushed.

Redundant destruction

Relevance summons diversity in numeric quakes,
liberating panties this blood quieted and opaque.
Deafly obliterates why there’s flagrant transgressions,
forced in steamy subways depicting analytical discretion.
©Sinister Spital 2016



Oh Shit Insight while Driving.

So I was driving my kids to the Shaved Ice place after a moderately satisfying Chinese buffet from the frozen section. ( I cook all the time I need a break) A perk of culinary school and being a chef, line cook, sus-chef, meat cutter etc..etc is even the cheapest stuff from the store or a can is a delicacy waiting to be created. Oh anyway back to my ride and this insight. Be forewarned it’s no Aristotle Epiphany, just a reaffirmation of knowledge we take for granted.

I have always been into music, it has comforted, defined and inspired me throughout time. Ponder that for a minute as everyone can relate. Think of the formation of romantic imagery and how these once represented a big part of your game. I was a ‘Journey’ kid so you can imagine my early wooing years and the preposterous expectations and inevitable heartbreak.  Not saying “Journey” was my soul relationship guide though better than my parents. I mean thank god for Zepplin, Van Morrison, Lizard King, AC/DC, Scorpion etc..etc.. Think about the quips and characteristics we take on in all divisions of the human condition from things we encounter that move us. Crazy shit we allow to dribble about, be grateful for realization moments that reconstitute who we are. I could ramble but I made the point…L8rs Sinister


Well Well

Sinister Spital Productions

 whatHoly Shit Never thought one of my pieces would ever find the picks on A/P! Deviant penning is illuminated, Mwhahwhaa! Link below.

Experience oblivion,                                                                                                                                    where reflections dissipate

Darkened caverns,
feed seclusive memories

Swallowing eulogies,
tissues and drunken regret

Hardened amongst earth
tossed,  pyres igniting rage
Dog tags of burdened shoulders,
broken ‘neath candlelight
Tormented by grave redundancy,
inferior these visions pry.
© Sinister Spital

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