Sinister Spital the Man, Myth, Spectre

I write a bit of everything, no one trick pony as I take the reigns of my poetic ambition and grow daily in all aspects of life, even when down. Expanding roots even in the lulls of an abyss.

I am anger and sorrow merged, beauty and tragic whispers through flawed pen. I am father, rock, husband and lover, one you love to hate or adore, maybe understand. I am lunatic fringe in the hallway, the saint who saves abandoned pets, over extended and just go with it. I am Writer holding new stance on paths once lost and will never again be forsaken as this is me, the soul editor of absurd and obscure – the Poet whose humble and an advocate to question what is, antagonize for what’s right. I am a student of life and  a projectile to overthrow hypocrisy in state and individualism, for is it not the dreams that become reality to strengthen resolve? I am an evolving conundrum that grins.

4 thoughts on “Sinister Spital the Man, Myth, Spectre

  1. I’m glad to see that you finally found your interior voice. It’s much more natural-sounding, I think people are going to respond to it better.

    You’re doing great work here–keep it up.

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  2. Sin, there are some of us who have gone through the gates of hell, we grow in the fire and the burning finds itself in so may Art forms of creativity. We walk through the fires burned and yet every time we fall we rise and fall and rise. It is our warrior heart.


    1. by the way I gave you a shout out during a web cast interview I had last night on my book and woks, workings of Sinister Spital with some readings and foolery mixed in. Including link, hope you’re well friend. Sin


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